What is MiDAS?

MiDAS is the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme.     The scheme overseen by the Community Transport Association (CTA) which promotes a nationally recognised standard for the assessment and training of minibus drivers in the voluntary and not-for-profit sectors.  

MiDAS Scheme Benefits:

•    For the volunteer driver a full awareness of your responsibilities towards your passengers and the general public. Your MiDAS accreditation is nationally accepted, is valid for 4 years and stays with you, the driver, if you move.  
•    For the passenger the confidence to know that the volunteer driver has their safety and wellbeing in mind. 
•    Safe and steady driving techniques help to reduce whole life costs and helps your organisations public image within the community.    
Who can drive under the MiDAS Scheme: To drive a minibus (carrying 9-16 passengers) under the scheme you must have in an date driving licence in either category D1 or B. Driving Licences: 9 -16 Passengers

MiDAS Training with Bedale Community Minibus.

We have two in house volunteer Assessors (DATs) who carry out the training. 
•    Emphasis is on their volunteer status. We will aim to get your training completed as soon as possible but it is dependent on their availability.    
•    Depending on the specific needs of your organisation we can arrange for the training to take place at a mutually agreeable location and time and either use your minibus or one of ours for the driving assessment.      

MiDAS Training Includes:

Induction Training:

Standard Package; This is undertaken by all volunteer drivers in the scheme:
•    A theory package, including a multi choice assessment, where drivers are made aware of the legal and safety issues concerning the use and driving of passenger carrying vehicles whether as volunteers or paid drivers. 
•    A practical package in a minibus where drivers are assessed against a national standard of driving skills and given help to improve their driving if required.   
•    Standard theory training takes about 2.5 to 3 hours and the driving assessment about an hour.     

Accessible Training:  This is undertaken in addition to the Standard package;  
•    Provides guidance in working with people with a range of disabilities.
•    Training in the safe carriage and security of wheelchairs users whilst in the minibus.  
•    Accessible training takes about 2 hours.

Refresher training – This is undertaken by existing holders of MIDAS certificates (either Standard or Accessible) prior to their current certificate expiring and who wish maintain their MiDAS qualification. 


MiDAS Certification     - On successful completion of the appropriate training a certificate is issued by the DAT that is valid for 4 years. This certificate has to registered with the Community Transport Association to be valid. It is through this registration that the certificate is nationally acknowledged       


MiDAS Membership - Organisations wishing to adopt MIDAS as the standard for their drivers are required to become members of the scheme. Membership is free and easily completed https://ctauk.org/driver-training/register-with-midas/. 

MiDAS Training Costs   

    •    Standard Training – £100 per person 
    •    Accessible Training - £120 per person (includes Standard training)    

    •    Standard or Accessible - £75 per person  

Mileage- If the training location is more than 5 miles from the centre of Bedale or Northallerton we will have to raise a mileage charge of .45 p per mile. This charge will be based on the distance from the centre of either town to the training location.

For further information or to arrange MIDAS training with BCM please: 
    •    Complete the Training Enquiry Form and email it to the office. The office will then get one of the DATs to make contact with you to arrange the training.  
    •    OR - Contact the office by phone 01677 425329 (Mon to Fri 0930 – 1200)
    •    OR - Email us on office@bedaleminibus.org.uk 
    •    OR – complete the contact sheet on our website and we will contact you.